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Soul Fire: A Story of Spring

Once upon a time, a purple being the color of night at the edge of dawn, landed in a busy mall and began walking her tallness down into human shoes. She walked through that place of comings and goings and continued along a residential street. The first person to walk with her was her Mother. They arrived at a house of friends and separated inside to wander and mingle through the party. The purple being, now a peach human, recognized one of her own kind, also in human form and they happily embraced, laughed and rolled on the floor in delight. But they were not to stay together and Peach found herself wandering around the house of friendly but noisy faces.

Outside, in the backyard of stones, trees and flowers, she took some ease and felt herself again. But, she knew something was missing. Who-what-where-how was an empty space waiting to be filled. Suddenly, the faintest flutter–just a whisper of a whoosh!–and a spark of desire ignited in her heart– a tiny flame in that vast empty space. The Sky saw it and blessed that little flame, the Trees nourished it with their breath and the Earth lay in waiting, ready to provide and respond to Peach’s burgeoning desires.

Fed by the Sky, the Breath and the Earth, Peach’s blossoming Soul Fire set her ablaze with a hunger to know who, where, what and how. Why? Because Love is and Love does–that’s why. So, she set out, singing to her new friends, the Sky, the Trees and the Earth. And they answered! They matched her song note for note, filling that empty space with people, places, adventures, laughter, pain, challenge, reward, beauty, loss, comfort, healing and discovery. Sometimes her song was loud and clear; sometimes she couldn’t find the notes and would have to hold still while the soothing rhythm of her own breath and heart took the reins and carried her through. For in the beat of her heart and the rhythm of her breath, Peach’s Soul Fire burned on, flaming and flickering, leaping and glowing in the ecstatic dance of Life.

In the end, when Peach walked out of her human shoes and gave her breath back to the Trees, her Soul Fire blazed purple and she melted into the night at the edge of dawn. But the Sky and Trees and Earth remember her song and they sing it every Spring, a Soul Fire Symphony of colors and whirls, fruits and flowers, buzzes and babies, flaming in the ecstatic dance of Life. Now isn’t that a Peach?