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Lightning and Landslides

Two different indigenous tribes in the mountains of Colombia experienced two separate “act of God” accidents: a tribal gathering inside a lodge was struck by lightning, killing many–and a landslide in another area killed several children. These tribes, who have lived for thousands of years in the Colombian mountains and who have remained largely untouched by the rest of civilization, believe that they are the keepers of the world. They believe that their “white brother” has done so much damage that they can no longer protect and uphold the Earth. It was October 2014 and I had just decided to attend a shaman training and retreat at the foot of these mountains in February 2015.

Meridian, what can you tell me about the lightning and landslide deaths of the indigenous people in Colombia?

The Spirits of those people killed by lightning have joined the tribe of the Thunder Beings. They realized that they could be more effective as part of the Washtun Council (the Spirits of our global weather and earth-events system). So much energy is needed for the healing and shifting of the world that they offered to continue their work as lightning. The Spirits of the bodies who returned to Mother Earth (the children in the landslide), were visiting. They saw it wasn’t time yet so they left.

Time for what?

Time to rebuild… new structures upon and with the ancient wisdom of the old ways. Much more needs to crumble and fail before it will be their time. 

Why did they need to come? Spirit couldn’t know that without incarnating as these children and then leaving their families to suffer the loss?

There are so many energies and forces at work on the planet swirling around and some of them are the early, regenerative, restructuring, rebuilding forces that come amidst destruction and revolution. The children that died came into life in answer to the budding energy of renewal, but it’s too soon. Those souls and spirits are meant to be able to work freely in rebuilding and there is still way too much resistance and opposition. It’s too soon for that generation.

They were only children so that means that in 20, 30, 40 years from now, it still won’t be time for major growth? We’ll still be messed up?

Likely. Humans are ingenious! You keep devising ways to limp along. But more and more parts are breaking even as new, functional parts, systems and ideas spring up. The addition of a functional part often makes something else break, so again, there are complex and varied forces at play here. I know it is not easy for the humans who are here at this time. If they would only open to the realm of Spirits, we could help you all move through this, personally and collectively, with so much less suffering and fear. We are here with you always but we are limited in effectiveness on your level without invitation and personal involvement with you. All paths lead to Love but the path of Conscious Union with Spirit is so much kinder.