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Dreaming Herself Anew

What of the Earth, our Mother?

She is “getting ready for bed.” Stripping off the tattered, dirty, stained, threadbare layers of her outer garments. Brushing her teeth and combing out the tangles in her hair before she bathes. She will cleanse her body and consciousness of all that has been so she may dream herself anew. Her bones will shift and realign in the water. Her heart will steady and its rhythm will soothe, heal and restore harmony throughout her body. Her pores will open and purge the poisons she has endured and her skin will become young and radiant again. Sleeping in her own watery womb, Mother to herself, she will dream of the new day, the new life that will spring forth from her.

Will we survive the bath and the great sleep? Will anything, plant and animal survive as it is now?

Perhaps. Dream with her, cleanse with her for you are a part of her and you will see the new day, the new robes, as splendid and marvelous as ever! You could adorn her like precious jewels if you choose. (I’m instantly treated to a vision of what humans on the Earth might look like from afar if we were living at our highest. We gleam and sparkle catching the eyes of celestial beings that look with love and joy upon our beautiful blue planet. Could we be such a gift?)

What kind of time span are we talking about here? This sounds like it could take millions of years!

That’s why your ascension is vital. You could go with her as she has already offered to you, deep inside herself while the outer layers transform. Or you could rise and watch over her as she sleeps. You could have many “lifetimes” in other forms, dimensions and civilizations – learning and growing in the vast Oneness.

Don’t we all “rise” when we die? Doesn’t everyone have the choice to move on somewhere else when the spirit is free from the body?

You would if you did not bind yourself to Earth with the wounds of duality. You’ve seen how Soul parts get “stuck.” Those who are “stuck” here will go through the cleansing, healing and dreaming process with her. It is not a punishment. It is one path among many. They may not be human when she wakes. They will take form according to the level of their consciousness, purified but perhaps much simpler, even to the most basic elements and minerals.

So how do we ascend?

Short answer: Forgive everyone and everything, especially yourself–and Love. Learn to vibrate love on all levels and in all directions. Be Love, See Love. Let that be your only Truth no matter what shit looks like. There are countless spiritual and consciousness practices to help you. Wake up to your own Truth. Heal the deep wounds of Self: fears, insecurities and perceived “flaws” – anything that makes you feel separated from Love. There are healers of all kinds to help you! The duality-reality that has existed since the current round of human incarnation on Earth was intentional but it’s fulfilled its purpose. That’s why people are “waking up.”

Isn’t that funny? People are waking up as the Earth is preparing for sleep!

Makes perfect sense. The waking up is in preparation for the next phase which is not about ending duality but transcending it. Understanding its function and operating intentionally in it and with it without being subject to it. To have unity consciousness in a world of unique and individuated forms – what joy! What delight! What revelry! What creative ecstasy! To love it all, embrace it all–deserts, mountains, oceans, sun, rain, union, solitude–the lush extravagance of abundance, the weightless freedom of sparsity–the brilliance of an intuitive mind or one so filled with nonsense that flashes of genius like no other erupt from time to time and you never know when, so you love and care for this one who comes from the One as you do. What bubbling fun life would be if you did not fear each other or the different paths you walk! To ascend is to love it all and not be bound by any of it.