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Guide Meridian: Spirit Dialogues

In the fall of 2014, while living in the Nevada desert, I met a Guide named Meridian when I requested an Ally spirit. A year later, I moved to Bellingham, WA and was delighted to discover a north/south thoroughfare named Guide Meridian that connects the U.S. and Canada. Oh, the spirits are so funny! I've since moved again but Meridian remains a continually loving and trustworthy Guide, providing insightful and intelligent answers and viewpoints to all manner of questions and topics. Most of the posts are in dialogue (question and answer) form and they are often snippets of an ongoing and broad conversation I have with Meridian and my other spirits. If they seem incomplete, it is so you can ponder and come to your own understanding as Meridian often left me to do. I've found that communicating with spirits can frequently be like connecting the dots. Enjoy! 

Nine Venus Pillars Of Ascension

A few nights ago, a dream voice said, “Venus Pillars Of Ascension.” Today, for a different reason, I ventured into a heart-healing journey that took place in a circular chamber deep inside an ancient white temple. During the journey, Venusian Priestesses appeared to facilitate my healing. When the healing was finished, nine white pillars appeared …

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Please be patient with my ramble. Meridian comes through at the end. I found a fascinating and powerful meditation on youtube by Wayne Dyer with music by James Twyman called “The Most Powerful Meditation You Can Do!” The music is the sound frequency of the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, and you …

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Dreaming Herself Anew

What of the Earth, our Mother? She is “getting ready for bed.” Stripping off the tattered, dirty, stained, threadbare layers of her outer garments. Brushing her teeth and combing out the tangles in her hair before she bathes. She will cleanse her body and consciousness of all that has been so she may dream herself …

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Soul Fire: A Story of Spring

Once upon a time, a purple being the color of night at the edge of dawn, landed in a busy mall and began walking her tallness down into human shoes. She walked through that place of comings and goings and continued along a residential street. The first person to walk with her was her Mother. …

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Lightning and Landslides

Two different indigenous tribes in the mountains of Colombia experienced two separate “act of God” accidents: A tribal gathering inside a lodge was struck by lightning, killing many and a landslide in another area killed several children. These tribes who have lived for thousands of years in the Colombian mountains and who have remained largely …

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