weaving the shamanic Way of Beauty

into modern lifestyles

What is life like when you know you are loved?

In this book, Earth Mama Soul restores our sense of belonging, sharing the knowledge of our intended place and purpose in what she calls the "playground paradise" of life on earth.

Renewed joy and inspired creativity flows from knowing how infinitely loved and loving we are, enabling us to release the burdens of fear and separation and rediscover what it means to Live in Love.

Earth Mama Soul Tells It Like It Is is short, sweet and shared from my heart to yours. It's also free when you purchase any 1:1 series of sessions with me. 

How can I support you along your life’s path?

I’m seeking healing and restoration. 

Unhealed wounds incurred from life's challenges often lead to dysfunction or illness. Together, we'll follow the Path of Return, transforming wounds into strength and wisdom and restoring self & psyche to optimal functioning in wholeness. 

I desire growth and expansion

Realizing dreams and successfully sharing unique gifts is best achieved in partnership with Spirit. Through visioning, dreamweaving and inspired action, the process of conscious creation unfolds with clarity and ease.  

Client Testimonials

​​“Working with Mandy King as a shaman has been a gift, a profound lesson in healing, and a universal blessing. Mandy is able to assist her clients in reaching into the depths of their heart, their soul and replace those painful, dark crevices with light, love and healing. She guides clients with a gentle firmness in finding answers for both their present and past life events, brings meaning to years of dysfunction, and mentors them onto a path that, for some, is centuries in the making. Myself and my family have been blessed with her genuine abilities of insight and healing the human heart and mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Mandy King to anyone seeking to peacefully reconcile their heart and mind with their past and present journey in life.”   – Heidi M.  |  Wyoming 



My blog is a candid sharing of the experiences, conversations and journeys I have with Spirit. The Beauty that is given is not just for me - come see!

Coyote National Guard

Waking early to a cool, downy fog, I know it is the kind of morning that has secrets and surprises and I better get out on the land if I want to be a part of the magic! Once on the dirt trail where I jog and hike and talk to the spirits, I come […]

Unbelieving Evil

The fall from grace is nothing more than believing in something other than Love. The concept of evil is man-made thus, it can be unmade. Fighting evil means you believe in it. Fearing evil means you believe in it. Judging evil means you believe in it. Blaming others for evil means you believe in it. […]

Inside A Coyote Council

It all began one night with a fuzzy zebra robe, two frying pans and a small gang of bedlam Coyotes yipping it up in the street at 3 a.m. in the otherwise quiet neighborhood. Three attempts at shutting them up and running them off by banging the frying pans didn’t work but I was victorious […]