New location coming soon! Class is on hold for now.


I propose the gift to be stress-free for 7 days. I suspect that if  you master this practice within 7 days, you will not stop! Share if you like it so more people can be free! 

#1. Do not "work" on (fight, struggle with or battle) the problem. Build and strengthen trust in the solution and in your own capacity to realize it. The solution already exists. All you have to do is calm down so you can recognize it when it appears. And it will appear as soon as you calm down,

because it's been there all along.

#2. When you start to feel anxiety or tension around an issue, repeat to yourself, "Let me recognize that this problem is already solved." This puts your mind into solution which is where the "answer" is and will generate positive and productive action on your part to facilitate successful solution. (The affirmation is a direct quote from A Course In Miracles.)

#3. Step out of your story. Let go of what you think is supposed to happen, how you think you're supposed to act and what you think about everyone else involved. All that just gets in the way of the solution which always turns out to be the best thing for everyone. Stay present in each moment and give your best.

#4. Give Love. Every experience we have is an opportunity to share love in some form. Love is freedom. Love is peace. 

BE FREE! Be Love!