AMONG other responsibilities, a shaman:
~ provides wisdom and guidance for living in "right relationship"
    ~ shifts, transforms or clears dysfunctional energetic patterns  
    ~ aids passage through birth and death: the major transitions of existence
    ~ works for peace and the preservation of the natural world
    ~ guides people to and along their soul's path

HEALING TOOLS in the shaman's belt:

        Soul Retrievals (often from childhood experience), Energetic Restructuring, Chakra Balancing, Ghost Crossing, Ancestral Healing, Past Life Healing, Divination, Dreamwork, Land and Home Clearing and Blessing, Pipe Ceremonies, Vision Quests and Medicine Walks, Workshops and Initiations. A SHAMAN may use drums, rattles, musical instruments, songs, feathers, stones, crystals, traditional shields, medicine         bundles or other items in his/her healing practice.

IN A typical private session, a brief history of the client's significant life events and relationships is provided and we discuss any current issues to be addressed. The client then sits or lies comfortably as I journey with animal spirit guides, ancestors and other spirit beings who offer information and direction for the healing. Leading my work is a set intention of serving the highest good of my client. In this way, no harm is caused by inappropriate or untimely actions. Just the right amount and the right kind of healing is provided in each session.  

OVER TIME, as the wounds, dysfunctional energies and/or beliefs are tended to and integrated, we focus more on creative manifesting. That's when the real fun begins! In the fully integrated state, we are whole-hearted, confident, passionate, joyful, courageous and positive minded. We are excited and motivated to develop and share our unique gifts with the world. We shine! This is the Way of Beauty.

SHAMANS work with Spirit and energy to affect change and transformation, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We heal, restore balance, initiate new paths, share wisdom, perform ceremonies and generate peace, harmony and well-being in all our endeavors. Within and beyond the physical realm is an energetic reality that precedes all manifested

conditions and circumstances. A skilled shaman tends all manner of issues for

people, animals, homes, land and various environments.

What Does A Shaman Do?