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The big ones! What is the purpose of life? Who, what and why are we? Is our Mother Earth in danger? Love and fear, Relationships, the Nature of Spirits, Wounds and Healing... I had questions and Earth Mama Soul answered in a life-altering dialogue that lifted me out of a fear-based mentality and into the joy of Living In Love!


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A delighted reader review:
"I awoke early this morning, picked up the book and tip-toed out of the bedroom so as not to awaken my husband. I sat the book next to my favorite chair and made myself a cup of coffee. My intention was to read a chapter or so.

So easy, yet profound was your sharing....I couldn't put it down! Mandy, it's wonderful! Your sharing has helped me to process an abundance of things I have been working with. What a gift in helping me merge two worlds... my old thoughts and beliefs with my new thoughts and beliefs.

...What a great confirmation of truth and so perfectly articulated! Your work leaves no holes! It is an exquisite weaving and feedback loop. I was excited to share what I had just read with my husband... and an intense conversation ensued! WOW, he is now reading the book!

I would say, it is a masterpiece at least! I am so grateful for this treasure! I see the world and life in a new way."  Diana L.H. April 2017


May the Earth sustain you

May the Sun bless you

May the Water heal you

May the Wind nourish you

                          adapted from a song by Valerie Wolf

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Earth Mama Soul Tells It Like It Is​​