Dec. 17, 2017

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How can Love be all there is when there is so much suffering on the Earth? In a profoundly transformative dialogue with the Soul of the Earth, Earth Mama Soul answered all my burning questions with a thorough and sparklingly clear  understanding of the nature, meaning and purpose of life. Her message of "Living In Love" returns us to joy, delight and excitement about ourselves and life!


7 Days of simple practices


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A delighted reader review:
"I awoke early this morning, picked up the book and tip-toed out of the bedroom so as not to awaken my husband. I sat the book next to my favorite chair and made myself a cup of coffee. My intention was to read a chapter or so.

So easy, yet profound was your sharing....I couldn't put it down! Mandy, it's wonderful! Your sharing has helped me to process an abundance of things I have been working with. What a gift in helping me merge two worlds... my old thoughts and beliefs with my new thoughts and beliefs.

...What a great confirmation of truth and so perfectly articulated! Your work leaves no holes! It is an exquisite weaving and feedback loop. I was excited to share what I had just read with my husband... and an intense conversation ensued! WOW, he is now reading the book!

I would say, it is a masterpiece at least! I am so grateful for this treasure! I see the world and life in a new way."  Diana L.H. April 2017


May the Earth sustain you

May the Sun bless you

May the Water heal you

May the Wind nourish you

                          adapted from a song by Valerie Wolf

​​Mandy's Book:

Earth Mama Soul Tells It Like It Is​​