SHAMANIC HEALING goes gently to the origin of unhealed wounds, enabling deep healing and far-reaching transformation. 

WORKING with a shaman is helpful for overcoming fears and anxieties, communicating authentically, releasing emotional "baggage", moving through crises, healing the physical body, conscious manifesting and developing personal gifts. Relationships, health, career and quality of life all benefit from the growth and transformation that arises from shamanic healing.


SOUL LOSS is a common spiritual ailment which a shaman heals by performing a soul retrieval. Shamans believe that the soul can fragment during conditions of trauma, abuse, hardship, accidents, neglect, painful break-ups and other challenging life experiences. The wounded soul part is energetically "stuck" in the dysfunction and thus, not available for creative, productive application. We say things like, "I feel like a lost a part of myself when... I feel broken... I can't get it together" to describe soul-wounding. Symptoms of soul-loss may include decreased energy and vitality, depression, repeated attraction to painful circumstances, feeling scattered, spacey, forgetful or "stuck in a rut", inability to heal and inability to change or release a destructive habit.

THE SHAMAN tracks the soul part in the non-physical realm, performs the necessary healing and then returns the soul part to the client to be reintegrated. A healed soul part always brings with it a gift. Sometimes it is a personal quality or strength such as self-respect or compassion. An undeveloped musical, artistic or creative gift may present itself or the client may experience an infusion of energy that was previously inaccessible. Soul restoration is often the key to the complete healing of physical or emotional pain and injury when other healing methods have fallen short. The long term effect of soul retrievals is feeling strong and secure in oneself, capable and empowered. 


WE INHERIT more than DNA from our ancestors. Unhealed events from the past have a way of repeating themselves until they receive the healing needed to release the perpetuating patterns. Shamans track through the generations to find the origin of a dysfunctional pattern and perform the healing which then releases the client from "ancestral baggage". Ancestral healing often includes ghost crossing. PAST LIFE healing works similarly but may or may not involve family bloodlines.

OUR DREAMS are a wealth of information and guidance when we understand how to work with them. With stories and images, dreams show us what's going on in the deeper levels of our being. Unconscious fears, tendencies, habits, strengths, gifts and desires are brought to light so that we may provide conscious attention where needed. Dreams teach us about ourselves and give shamans who practice dreamwork valuable insight into their own lives, their clients and the world. 

DEATH AND DYING rituals have developed around the world for the purpose of successfully sending the soul of the deceased into the spiritual realm. If someone dies suddenly, violently, has a powerful reason to stay behind or has unhealed wound attachments, part or all of their soul may get "stuck" in the Inbetween. Ghosts may attach to loved ones, stay in a meaningful location or invade a vulnerable host, often someone who has been weakened by trauma, abuse, substance addictions, etc. Shamans may be alerted to ghosts through dreams or may sense or feel them when in their presence. By opening the door to the Beyond, a shaman guides the soul to the next part of its journey.

TAROT CARDS, Runes, I Ching, astrology and many other forms of divination are commonly used by shamans for guidance and insight.

WE LEAVE energetic imprints everywhere we go and physical structures, including land, can hold these energies indefinitely. If a house or land has known disharmony or violence, that energy may have a negative effect on new tenants, causing discord and irritability or worse. A shaman evaluates the energetic state of the property, sometimes receiving confirmable details of prior events and then heals or clears the building and land before offering a blessing of health, happiness and abundance. This is incredibly helpful when a place, home or business just doesn't feel right. Real estate agents often use shamans when a house isn't selling.

How Does A Shaman Heal?