SHAMANS understand that everything in existence is connected by

"The-Spirit-That-Moves-Through-All-Things", also known as Chi, Prana,

Life Force, God, Universal Mind or Source. Communication with Spirit is a fundamental aspect of shamanic life. Traditionally, shamans have received knowledge and guidance from spirit beings for healing, finding food, preparing medicine, avoiding danger and learning harmonious ways of living in their environments. The plants, animals and elements around us continue to offer their wisdom, power and beauty to modern day shamans who journey with them in spirit. 

HEALING is a primary function of shamans be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Most shamans believe that illness and disease are symptoms of spiritual imbalance. The remedy or treatment may include physical and spiritual components. Shamanic healing is gentle and powerful and can be used effectively in conjunction with other forms of treatment or therapy.

THE BEAUTY of shamanism is that it embraces the entirety of the human experience. We move with the flow of life, in hardship and ease, knowing there are valuable gifts to be gained from all our experiences. We honor our need to withdraw into the dark night when necessary and we celebrate in the sun when filled with joy. 

MOTHER NATURE,an embodiment of the Great Spirit, is our greatest Provider, Healer and Teacher. We call plants and animals, lands, waters and sky, Brother, Sister, Grandmother and Grandfather because we are all family on our beautiful blue planet. It took billions of years for the earth to become a paradise for the living beings it sustains. Our human capacity to shape and change the world is a gift and a responsibility. Shamanism seeks to wield this power with love for the good of All.

What Is Shamanism?

SHAMANISM, sometimes called the Way of Beauty, is the practice of living in right relationship. Being in right relationship means to think, speak and act with love and respect for all of life. Life is sustainable and thrives when we honor the health and survival needs of ourselves, other species and eco-systems equally. This is the shaman's way.