With an extensive background in Mind-Body wellness practices including massage therapy, Reiki, energy healing techniques, Psych-K, tarot, fitness and nutrition, yoga and meditation, Mandy has gained a thorough understanding of the depth of human experience and how to successfully navigate the complexities of the human-spirit existence. The introduction of her shaman teacher and subsequent training unified her gifts and she now enjoys a private practice as well as leading various shamanic events and workshops. 

Home is in Malibu, CA and she periodically travels to Boise, ID, Rapid City, SD, Mesquite, NV and Virginia Beach, VA for work and pleasure. Upcoming trips and events are posted on the Events Page.  

Mandy King's life as a shaman formally began in 2010 but her shamanic heart has always beat in rhythm with the wonder and beauty of the natural world. Born in Pasadena, CA in 1976, her early years were filled with family hiking and backpacking adventures as they moved across the western US and Canada. At age 12, Mandy found herself in the heart of Sioux land in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Surrounded by a land and culture of rich, native history, she soon felt a deep kinship with the harmony and Earth-centered spirituality of Native American life. Her active relationship with nature continues to grow with her ongoing career in the Healing Arts. 

The stones and bones of the Earth am I

Her dark Water, my hidden blood​

She breathes my Soul with whispers and howls of Wind

Molten womb of life, her creative Fire I burn

In the embracing Sky we are held 

By the visioning Clouds we are seen

Kissed by the Rain we are blessed

​With the Sun, Moon and Stars we shine!